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Terms & Conditions

All booking made through the website www.supervans.co.nz and bookings made by telephone, fax, email or any other communication mechanism are subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 and the following terms and conditions. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions of use listed below.

Conditions of Carriage
All customers acknowledge that Supervan Limited appoints employee and drivers to provide services on its behalf and these product and services will be provided to them by these appointed employees and drivers. They also agree that these terms and condition will continue to apply in full where Supervan Limited’s employees or drivers are appointed to provide services on behalf of Supervan Limited.

Supervan Limited or its employee or any other appointed by Supervan Limited may refuse transfer if the passenger is unable to provide valid travel documents, if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and/or they are consuming any foods or drinks or if it is necessary for the safety, security or comfort for other passengers or their property they are travelling with.

All customers are required to show the travel documents (Email confirmation issued by the Supervan Limited at the time of booking) to the driver on duty. The driver will check the booking details and payment status.

All customers are required to pay their fare before the start of travel. Payment can be done via cash, Eftpos or credit card. We offer merchant services for Master card, Visa and Visa debit. All credit cards payment will incur a payment transaction fee. This fee will be notified at the time of payment and booking.

Supervan Limited and its team will put their best efforts to carry our customers and their baggage to the agreed destination within a reasonable timeframe in accordance to the itinerary issued at the time of booking. However, however it is not guaranteed to do so. All customers acknowledge in the event of any “Act Of God” (Such as Earthquake, flood, bad weather or any natural emergency events) or operationally disruptive events (For example, Civil event, unforeseen traffic, road works, accident, congestion and other disruptive events) arise on the day of travel, Supervan Limited may not be able to provide the timely delivery of services to our customers. In such events, all customers acknowledge that it is their sole responsibility to monitor such events and make changes to their travel plans either with Supervan Limited or other service provider to mitigate such risks.

The passengers travelling in Supervan vehicle are required to notify the Supervan Limited office in writing in case of baggage (being carried in dedicated luggage trailer) is lost or damage within the 7 days from the date of travel.

Supervan Limited reserves the right to substitute any vehicle or carrier without any prior notice to customers whenever it is needed.

The Supervan Limited also reserves the right for any change, modification or to waive any terms and conditions listed on the website. No agent, employee or contractor are authorised to alter or modify these terms and conditions.

Booking for shuttle to the airport, Hobbiton Movie set or Waitomo Caves are valid only for the date and time specified at the time of booking. Supervan Limited doesn’t take any responsibility for unused booking or cost incurred due to customer mistake or carelessness. Booking can be changed or amended before 12 hours from scheduled pick up time. However, amendments not guaranteed and are subject to availability and additional charges may apply.

Shared Ride transportation
It is a fixed price, door to door service, where everyone is booked individually and they are unknown to each other share the vehicle during their travel to or from an airport. Prior reservation is recommended for the transfer to the airport or from the airport to avoid disappointment. Customers can contact the Supervan Driver on duty for booking. However, confirmation is subject to availability.

All the customers are required to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time (International Flights) and at least 2 hours before flight departure time for domestic flights.

The time of travel between Hamilton to Auckland airport is around 2 hours without traffic. All customers are recommended to keep enough time in hand in the case of unforeseen traffic. The van will arrive within the 15 minutes time from the pickup time and will wait up to 15 minutes. This is passenger responsibility to be ready for the pick up as per scheduled time.

A shared ride booking from airport to Hamilton or any other place doesn’t mean a van will wait for passenger outside the airport. However, the van will be waiting for them on pre chartered van stand.

Supervan Private Hire Service (Touring, sightseeing or other)
The private hire service is an exclusive service which is direct and nonstop transfer between two places. This is ideal for private trip, sightseeing or touring. Prior booking is recommended for private hire services and the breadth & scope of transfer will be as agreed between the customer and the Supervan Limited or the employee of Supervan Limited, at the time of booking.

Short notice reservation
All customers are advised to book their travel at least 48 hours prior to travel time to avoid disappointment. They can check with the driver on duty or can contact customer care for availability, however booking is not guaranteed. If confirmed, there will be non refundable booking. Please provide correct emails or other contact details so that you can review your booking in confirmation email.


  • » A Flat rate will be quoted at the time of booking (Shared ride transfer) and will be guaranteed so long the booking is not amended.
  • » A flat rate will be quoted for exclusive ride and this will not changed till it is not amended. However, this will be a nonstop transfer between the agreed points.
  • » In the case of private hire, prior booking is essential and rate will be discussed at the time of booking and will remain unchanged till the time it is not amended.
  • » A separate charge may occur if extra stops are requested during transfer.
  • » All rates will be GST included. However, this doesn’t include the credit card surcharge.


  • » Supervan Limited or our staff or drivers reserve the rights to request for identification for credit card payment. Failing to which they may be denied for any services from Supervan Limited. We accept only 3 forms of ID. These are NZ Driver License, 18 + card and passport. No other form of ID will be accepted in any circumstances.
  • » Payment can be made by cash, Eftpos or credit card or through online transaction. In case of credit card transaction, credit card surcharge will apply to the total payable amount.
  • » All payments will be in NZ$. No other currency will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • » This is customer responsibility to ask for the receipt of payment. We are happy to email you the receipt upon request.
  • » Pre payment is compulsory for group booking, private tour or sightseeing.

Cancellation, Amendment, No Show and Refund

  • » No cancellation fee or amendment fee will incur if the cancellation is done 24 hours prior to travel time. Cancellation can be done by calling 0800 777 826 or emailing Supervan limited office email.
  • » If the flight arrival time gets changed, we will put our best effort to match the amended flight arrival time. Otherwise, passenger can amend their transfer by calling the Supervan Limited office at least 1 hour before the scheduled pick up time (Subject to availability).
  • » No refund will be in the case of No Show. However, we will try our best to contact the person booked for the ride. No van will wait more than 15 minutes for anyone.
  • » All passengers are required to provide the accurate information at the time of booking and before submitting he/she agree to it. Supervan limited is not responsible for the inconvenience caused due to the incorrect information. No refund will be entertained if the passengers miss his service.

Smoking, food and drink
Smoking, alcoholic and non alcoholic drink (Except water) and food is not permitted in our vehicle.

Animals in vehicle

  • » Supervan limited vans welcome “Guide Dogs”. However, we need prior information about the presence of any guide dog at the time of booking.
  • » No pets are allowed in the vans if you are booked for shared ride. Alternatively, one can book exclusive ride and travel with pets. Please advise us at the time of booking with Supervan limited.

Travelling with Children

  • » Children are permitted to travel in Supervan when they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Please advise us the number of children travelling with you at the time of booking in order to reserve the seat.
  • » We do not accept any booking for unaccompanied minor less than 13 years of age. They must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Supervan limited or Supervan employee reserve the right to check the ID to confirm the age of minor.
  • » If your child is under the minimum age/weight/height, you must supply an approved car seat for each children travelling with you.

Passenger mobility
Passenger who requires special assistance (Such as lifting them on or off the van) is required to arrange someone well in advance. Our employee is not permitted to participate in such case for health and safety reason.

Travel time and delays

  • » Supervan Limited or our employees or drivers are not responsible for the delays in anticipated arrival due to bad weather, traffic or Road conditions, or any unforeseen incidents on the day of travel. We reserve all rights to cancel or amend or refund the reserved booking fee prior to scheduled pick up time.
  • » Shared ride takes longer time than exclusive one, as we will stop for other passenger to load and unload them. This travel time also depends upon the road condition, weather, unforeseen traffic and others incidents on the day of travel. So we cannot provide exact travel time at the time of booking.
  • » However, we will put our best effort to make your journey comfortable.

Meet and Greet Services at airport
Supervan Limited personnel (staff or driver on duty) will station themselves at an appropriate point at an airline terminal or other nominated public transport terminal and display passenger’s or group name on a signboard so that one can easily locate us. Our staff will put their best effort to locate the customer. However, Supervan Limited makes no guarantee of locating the traveller during such Meet and Greet Services. If you do not find your driver within 10 minutes of your pickup time, please contact Supervan Limited on (0800 777 826) in order to trace the location of your driver.

Other Services
Other services including wake-up calls, and other services as agreed between Supervan Limited and the customer at the time of booking and the booking of such services by customer is entirely at their risk . All customers acknowledge that the Supervan Limited shall not be held liable for any consequent damages or costs, injury or damage to persons or property in the event that the service is not delivered by Supervan Limited or by the employee or drivers appointed by Supervan Limited.

Luggage Policy

  • » All customers are required to advise the correct amount of baggage they are intend to travel with at the time of booking. Failure to which may incur additional charge or they may have to organize another vehicle as an alternative.
  • » Any valuables, priceless items, and prescription drugs have to be in passengers’ possession during travel.
  • » The shared ride fare includes 2 pieces of checked baggage (weighing no more than 23 kg each and of a maximum combined dimension of 158 cm) and 2 pieces airline carry on items (Such as purses, laptop cases, briefcase, small suitcases, & backpacks.
  • » The larger item will be stowed in the rear storage area or in shuttle trailer.
  • » Oversized items such as surfboard, snowboard, skis, bikes and large boxes or non suitcase type items are not accepted. Please be advised to organize to alternative vehicles if you are travelling with these items.
  • » If you are booked for exclusive transfer, the combined weight of total luggage items and passengers should not weigh more than 1000kgs. In this case please notify us at the time of booking.

Dangerous goods policy
For safety reasons, we do not allow following items in your baggage unless they have been notified at the time of booking process:

  • » Firearms
  • » Corrosive materials such as acid, wet cell batteries, mercury, alkalis, etc.
  • » Explosives such as fireworks, ammunitions and other article that are easily ignited.
  • » Poisonous, toxic chemicals and other products which are used in gardening, Agriculture and in swimming pool cleaning, etc.
  • » Flammable liquids such as petrol, Diesel, kerosene oil, solvent based paints and epoxy resin, methylated spirits, etc.
  • » Compressed Gases, LPG Cylinders, compressed air cylinders (Used for scuba diving)
  • » Radioactive Materials
  • » Other dangerous goods such as noxious or offensive materials.

Unacceptable items
Supervan Limited and/or any employee, contractor or Driver appointed by Supervan Limited will try their best to accommodate your needs. However, we do not accept the following items in baggage while travelling with Supervan Shuttle and we do not take any responsibility for their damage or lost:

  • » Jewellery and other valuables, priceless items, antiques, prescription drugs, etc. These items should be in passengers’ possession while travelling with us.
  • » Fragile items such as glassware, wine bottle and other similar items.
  • » Electronic Goods such as camera, laptop, mobiles and other electronic devices.
  • » Any items which is not packed and can’t be secured properly and might affect the travel by road transport.

Contact Details on Travel Date
The passengers are required to booking to provide Supervan Limited their contact number, so that we can provide up to date information at the time of transfer. For a booking with non-airport pickup point, passenger must be contactable in the 2-hour period immediately prior to the booked pick up time on the same contact number provided at the time of booking. If anyone who is not contactable on the designated contact number, Supervan Limited will not be liable for any costs, damages or losses that they may incur as a result of not meeting the agreed travel time.

Passenger’s Ready Time at Pickup Point and Contact Requirements in the Event of “Service No Show”
For “Shared Ride” transfer pickups where passenger is travelling to an airport, passenger must be ready at their agreed pickup point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Failure to meet this report time may result in the delay or even cancellation of the service (depending on the extent of your lateness). In such circumstances Supervan Limited will not refund the reservation amount or will not be liable for any costs, damages or losses incur due to the delay or cancellation of the service.

If the vehicle doesn’t arrive at the pickup point within 5 minutes of the scheduled and notified pickup time, passengers are required to contact Supervan Limited on (0800 777 826). If the passenger doesn’t advise Supervan Limited personnel of the non-arrival of vehicle within 10 minutes of such scheduled pickup time, Supervan Limited will not be responsible for any costs, damages or losses that the booked passenger may incur.

Normal wear and tear to the personal items is the part of handling process during transportation. Supervan Limited is not liable for wear and tear and/ or minor damages like scratches, dings, nicks, broken pull handles/ strap, broken wheels or feet or any damages that occurred due to over or improper packing and fragile items, etc.

Passengers are sole responsible for their carry on items and these should be in their possession all the times. Supervan Limited or any employee or drivers on duty are not liable for the loss or damage of such items.

Passengers must report to Supervan Limited office in writing if their checked baggage are lost or damaged significantly. The total liability of any lost or damaged baggage during travel is limited to NZ$ 2000.00 per passenger. However, The Supervan Limited reserves all the rights to check the reasons behind the loss or any significant damage to the property.

The liability of Supervan Limited for damages resulting by reason of the personal injury or death of a passenger will be excluded in accordance with the Accident Insurance Act 1998 and the Accident Insurance (Transitional Provisions) Act 2000.

Privacy Policy
Supervan Limited or its employee or designated drivers are committed to protect our customers’ privacy. However, we use the passenger’s information (provided at the time of booking) to secure their booking.

Important Notes
The Quoted fare doesn't include any travel insurance. All passengers are recommended to organise their travel insurance themselve. Supervan Shuttle does not guarantee the arrival time at the airport. In general traffic, the travel time frame between Hamilton & Auckland airport is 1.5 hours to 2 hours. However, this time frame can be longer (2 - 3 hours) in heavy traffic. The shuttle van may stop on the way to pick up/ drop off any passengers or/and for other reasons such as (but not limited to) toilets, fueling if needed. All travellers are recommended to plan their travel well keeping enough time in hand to reach the airport comfortably. Supervan shuttle doesn't take any responsibility for any loss if it can't make it on time.